THE RIGHT CHOICE: the vision of CIAM and Damiano Carrara.

The launch of the project that sees the collaboration between Ciam and Pastry Chef Damiano Carrara in his role as Brand Ambassador takes the form of a video: The Right Choice describes a common vision that combines Ciam’s technological innovation and design with the needs of modern haute patisserie professionals.

“I traveled across regions, counties and even continets looking for my own personal vision as a Pastry Chef and partners able to help me nurturing it. Finding them made possible the impossible.” explains Damiano Carrara in the video.

Relying on a top partner like Ciam is what allows you to make your product and your premises reach the highest level of precision, quality and style.

The Right Choice expresses the sense of balance in the development of a common project, which leads to a total customisation around the needs of the individual professional and makes his personal vision of modern patisserie a reality.