Refrigerated Pastry Displays


Since the Tortuga Series cases are fully ventilated, the uniform temperature is perfect for showcasing multiple pastries, hot foods, or frozen novelties in a small footprint. A heated, double paned glass structure prevents fogging, and comes with 2 or 3 shelves.

Perfect for showcasing gelato/ice cream, pastries, and chocolates, the Ice Queen Series seamlessly blends modern technology and quality craftsmanship. Daring angles, curves, and vertical lines ensure clear product visibility and easy access for operators.


The Mya Series is the perfect synthesis of performance, ergonomics, and energy savings for applications like pastries and chocolates. Its full ventilation system ensures perfect product preservation, even in the least ideal environmental conditions.

Due to its low profile design, the Jewelry Series is ideal for highlighting chocolate confections. The included humidity control feature removes any excess moisture to prevent chocolates from blooming; And a pull out drawer ensures easy access for operators.

Although very similar in design to the 6040 Series, the Flat Series is suited for displaying products that are 1″-3″ tall. Perfect for small pastries and confectionary items, the Flat Series ensures quality product visibility and perfect product temperature consistency.

The 6040 Series is an extremely diverse and customizable display case line. Able to display products that are 4″-6″ tall, it is perfect for displaying larger pastry and deli items, gelato and ice cream, meats and cheeses, or bread. If needing an all rounder, the 6040 is it.


The 900 series is part of our Larger Depth Line of display cases, offering a depth of 965mm. Ideal for storing refrigerated and non-refrigerated items in the same case, this Series accommodates special customizations like pull out drawers for breads.

The modern, curved design of the Space Series allows for prime product visibility. A premium alternative to more conventional style displays, this series is ideal for gelato and ice cream, pastry and deli items, and non-refrigerated bakery items like bread.

Elegant and timeless, the Vertigo Series incorporates clean lines to create height without being a distraction. This series incorporates a refrigerated deck and additional ambient shelves to show refrigerated and non-refrigerated products at the same time.

The Brilliant Series is just that…Brilliant. Featuring four glass sides, LED lighting throughout, adjustable glass shelving (and custom display options), the Brilliant Series is sure to add that “wow factor” to your bakery, delicatessen, or wine cellar.

The Muro Zero Series is an elegantly simple wall-integrated display case. Ideal for wines, large cakes, and frozen desserts, this series will certainly highlight your products in walls that may not otherwise have been used.

Ciam’s Classic Series merchandisers offer an attractive, higher end alternative to the commodity style merchandisers commonly seen in retail spaces, bakeries, markets, and convenience stores. Ideal for refrigerated, frozen, and heated grab and go products.