Ice Design Live Stations


Ice Design represents the new frontier of the ice cream shop, which makes a new way of producing an emotional ice cream simple and possible.

The ICE DESIGN Live Stations, created by Raffaele De Angelis, allow professionals of the ice cream sector to create real Live Show Cooking shows in front of their customers for the preparation of traditional and gourmet ice creams, semifreddo, cakes, sticks and granitas. The new concept will allow operators to customize the configuration of the stations by integrating the equipment according to the desired show cooking.

Each station can be set up with a vertical batch freezer, with a horizontal batch freezer, with a cold plate, with a tempering-melting machine, with ice cream wells and yogurt trays and will have the possibility of integrating a positive / negative refrigerator.

The Ice Design project was selected by the ADI Design Index 2019, also receiving an additional award from the ADI Design Index of the Lombardy Region as a designer of excellence. Today, thanks to these two awards, the project is competing for the prestigious Compasso d’Oro 2020.