Alcova/21. HumUs Fluid Ground

Earth as nourishment, mother and origin of life. Earth as an element of transformation and evolution, which from fertile dust creates fluid and living forms. Earth as cocoa that changes into chocolate. Earth as material that generates new visions.

HumUs – Fluid Ground is the new concept that CIAM brings to Milano Design Week 2021: a further step in the material research and in the relationship that the brand builds between the elements that populate the projects in which it plays a leading role. Even the roles that the products take on within the space in which they are placed become more fluid and contaminated, transforming themselves into hybrid forms that redefine sensory relations and ways of interacting.

From September 4 to 12, on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2021, the iconic and decadent location of via Simone Saint Bon 1, Milan becomes the scene of the exhibition event in which CIAM presents TABLE, designed by Fabrizio Milesi. The revolutionary table made with the fascinating finishes of Matteo Brioni’s earths collects and changes the relationship between counter, professional and customer, proposing itself as a fluid ground of discovery and experimentation. To emphasize the link between nature, food and design, the visual strength of Laila Gohar’s food art that penetrates in this exhibition space contributing to define for the observer/visitor a unique and sensorial experience.

CIAM is waiting to transport you on a thoughtful and inspiring journey in the fluid atmosphere of Milano Design Week 2021.